The Addiction Of Online Gambling

The Addiction Of Online Gambling

Everyone wants their kids to stay in front of their eyes rather than going outside indulging in stranger danger. While these parents are thinking their kids are safe indoors peacefully sitting in front of their computer screen 12Joker online gambling. They are not at all aware of the real hidden danger. Moreover, today’s misguided adults never lack behind today’s youth in the race of this digital addiction. They see it as a golden opportunity to earn money in the comfort of their home. Online gambling literally means to risk anything of material value in place of unsure results. These immature youth and misguided adults are caught up in a vicious circle for almost forever

Why Online Gambling Is More Dangerous Than Casino Gambling


Why do people get into it?

  • Online gambling is the fastest and easiest way to earn a lot of money by just resting on the living room couch and an internet connection and their money gets doubled in no time
  • Younger players, who are underage for gambling at the casino and had to turn away, find a suitable platform where they could hide their original age and get this digital addiction
  • These websites take help of famous celebrities to advertise their luck dependent draw. At times celebs are made to participate in it, therefore the youngsters who idolize them get inspired from them and get into this digital addiction
  • These websites provide play money, which is not original currency but a dummy, due to which no stress is laid on what happens if they lose
  • Players use it as a mode to relieve anxiety but end up being hooked up themselves

How do people get addicted?

  • A person gets into it when he feels that he is in financial ruin and can only recover if he gambles. Hence this cycle continues and the player becomes an addict
  • Online gambling is also a lot similar to drug addiction when a person tries it for the first time to get the experience of what it is like. The second time they take it thinking they have proper control over their mind and body. The third time they get into it because their companion told them to while by the fourth time they get addicted
Online Gambling Addiction at its Rise in Asia. | Serene Retreat

Few other prevalent poker games one needs to pick up

  • Omaha- in Omaha poker, players have four hole cards as a replacement for two and can use only two cards from their hand
  • Seven-card stud- a ‘hipster’ poker game for those ones not playing alongside. This is the game that was widely held afore Texas hold’em go off
  • 2-7 triple draw- it is the advanced version of the poker game. This is an advanced version

After reading through this write-up, one will surely be at home trying his hands on poker on any of the websites. This game is a very challenging and mind bending one. Once addicted, there is no looking back.


  • One can’t stop or having an anxious feeling when an individual think about quitting
  • A major emotional symptom is a depression, anxiety and even a feeling of committing suicide
  • Physical symptoms include pale skin, dark circles, sleep deprivation, and weight gain or weight loss